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Standard American Web Estimator

NOTE: This "Estimator" is designed to give the client an estimate as close as possible to the actual cost of our project. In the case of differences in price; you will be contacted first before finalization of contract and cost.
Basic Features Of Website

Setup Fees - Basic Accessments

These fees are associated with any web design.

Setup fees are not deposits. Setup fees are for domain names, temporary web hosting, processing fees, etc.

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Number Of Pages In Website

How many pages you expect your website to contain? (home, about, contact, etc.)

Don't forget pages such as galleries, videos, etc.

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Type Of Website Desired

($200 USD)
($200 USD)
($2000 USD)
If you choose responsive it will respond on most devices.

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Example Of Sites You Like

Perhaps some of your competitors or some website that you just like.

Please give at least two websites.

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Tell Us A Little About Your Project; Your Desired Website?

EX: What industry, color scheme, dislikes of other websites, features you like on other websites.

Please be as descriptive as possible.

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Do You Have A Domain Name Picked That You Would Like To Use?

All websites have a domain name which is what you enter into the URL at the top of the browser.

Don't worry if you don't. We can provide you with one. No guarantee that you will get the name that you choose but we will try to get as close to it as possible.

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Expansive Website Features

You can choose more than one and there's no additional charge for some features.

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Online Monies Transfer Portals - Digital - Products - Monies

Will Need A Paypal Or Simular Button Installed

Anything That Will Take Monies Online

This does not include an online store where products are sold

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eCommerce Solutions - ONLINE STORE

How Many Items Do You Plan To Sell Online?

NOTE: We do not setup store for clients. Setup can be added.

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Number Of Week For Delivery

How many weeks until you will need this project published?

A typical website takes 30 to 45 days to encode and complete, but this time line can be expedited in certain situations.

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Website Features

I Have A Website Already But. . .

If you need direct consultation; please call toll free: 1(877) 532-5573.

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Website General Features

Most of these feature have no additional cost to your project.

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Enhancement Products

SocialBiz - Social Marketing

SocialBiz Web, Social Marketing Package - With over 3 Billion (with a "B") people on social networks we can't stress enough how important it is to utilize and market to this market. But who has time to do it effectively? Our dual SocialBiz Packages promotes and engages your audience several times a week. Let us manage your social market for you. You have more important things to do.

This fees are monthly with guaranteed results at the end of ninety (90) days.

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Search Engine Optimization

This Search Engine Optimization solution utilizes cutting-edge SEO services and techniques specified by Google that has a positive impact on major search engines and a boost in your website's search engine rankings. But it should be noted that this SEO package is 100% designed to meet the requirements of Google.

NOTE: This fee is a monthly fee with a six (6) month guarantee of results if the client follows the instructions we give to them.

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Content Management System

CMS enables you to make minor edits in browser from most devices. These changes can be made by the client and are simple to teach. CMS also allows you to see the traffic coming to your website and where they are coming from. It's the equivalent of Google Analytic all at your finger tips.

NOTE: Structural and some forms of edited can only be done by your design specialist and are not obtainable via CMS.

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Finalizing Products

Will You Need Any Of Our Graphic Design Services?

($35.00 USD)
($75.00 USD)
If you need a service that you don't see here; just ask us? We just might offer it.

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Client Information


Type the client name or company name


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