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We’ve done some research and come up with the 7 most important elements that you don’t want missing from your nonprofit site.

01. Quality Content

Your NGO is most likely after these 3 main goals:

    * Spread awareness
    * Inspire people to donate
    * Recruit volunteers

They’re all respectable goals, but if your cause isn’t apparent – you’re going to have a hard time ticking off any of those boxes. Remember this golden rule: You know way more about your nonprofit than anyone else – so don’t assume that your mission is obvious. Write as clearly and concisely as possible, add real photos of you and those you have helped (or are trying to) and be sure to keep your most important content above the fold where it can be highlighted. Having a site that’s clean and free of unnecessary distractions will also help your visitors arrive right where you want them to: at how they can help.

02. Donate Buttons

 Most things in this world just don’t get done without money. So it makes sense that you might be aiming to raise some funds in order to make a difference.

03. Email Sign-up

 You might be happily surprised how many people are willing to give their time to a cause, even if they don’t have the financial resources to donate.

04. Social Media Focal Point

Your NGO can only benefit from more exposure – and social media is the perfect platform. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube – you name it – the options are almost endless. You can even take it a step further by adding Apps that focus on specific aspects of social networks like the Facebook Share App that lets site visitors share your content on their own Facebook timelines. Whichever Apps you choose, make sure they are placed in your fixed header so that no matter what page of your site someone may be on, they can always see it.

05. Media Coverage Section

 If your nonprofit is being written or talked about, you can use this to your advantage. A good article or even a TV segment can do a lot to boost your professionalism and create more buzz. And when it comes to helping you reach goals, more buzz is always good. Whether you have one small article or 12 big ones – creating a page that is dedicated to this content alone is just good sense.

06. Testimonials Page

 Yes, another page. We’ve already gone over how easy it is to do, now let’s talk about why it’s so important. When it comes to nonprofit work, testimonials break down into two types. Both can be instrumental in giving people a fresh perspective and helping them to trust you and your organization.

    * Testimonials from people you’ve aided
    The words directly from the people you’ve helped can go a long way. People love to hear success stories – and they especially love to be a part of them. If you have positive statements from the people you’ve aided, displaying them can only benefit your cause.

    * Testimonials from people you’ve worked with
    Kind, positive words don’t have to come only from people you’ve helped. They can also come from people who have been involved in your cause, seen first-hand what you do, and know how good you are at it. Present their positive feedback so that anyone who was thinking of getting involved is that much more likely to do so.

07. A Blog!

 Keeping an active blog is an amazing way to increase engagement and create a following. What’s even better, blogs are often referred to by other blogs and even news sites. This can up the possibility of increasing your site’s traffic and exposure. And it won’t hurt your SEO, either. Write about all the things that involve your mission – it’s a great platform for informing a wider range of people and spreading your important message.

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