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Besides learning the different concepts and theories, the only way to find out if what you’ve learned works, is to apply the various SEO techniques on a website and monitor your rankings.

If your rankings and organic traffic are increasing, then this means that you are in the right direction. If not, you will have to revise your SEO strategy and action plan.

The following resources can help you get started:

  • How Search Engines Work – Before starting with SEO, it is important to understand how search engines work. At the end of the day, your goal with SEO is to influence search engines to ‘trust’ your website and knowing how they actually rank websites, will help you make better decisions.
  • SEO Basics for Beginners – If you know nothing about SEO, start with the SEO starters guide, it is perfect for beginners.
  • The Complete SEO Course – Our own SEO Course which covers all aspects of SEO with step-by-step examples and case studies.
  • How to become an SEO Expert – A guide with a list of resources to stay informed about new developments in the SEO World.
  • DIY SEO Tutorial – A tutorial on how to do SEO on your own. It covers both basic and advanced SEO Concepts.
  • SEO Checklist – A handy checklist to check that you have optimized all elements.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide – A handy guide by Google for beginners to SEO.

What is the difference between SEO and Digital marketing?

Some people often ask me “Is SEO the same as Digital Marketing?” The simplest answer I can give is that SEO is one of the tools available in your Digital Marketing arsenal.

SEO can be part of your overall Digital Marketing campaign which normally includes other things like social media promotion, PPC, content strategy etc.

Good content is still the most important success factor with or without SEO

Before closing this introduction to search engine optimization you must have very clear in your mind that SEO cannot help you if you don’t have good content.

In other words, if you try to SEO a website with not very good content your chances of succeeding (in the long term) are minimum.

On the other hand, a website with good content can do well with or without SEO. SEO will just give the website an extra boost.


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