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Are you looking for a web designer near you? Well then discover the secret to choosing the perfect web designer! Here's a pro tip: visit the web designer's website and add /wp-admin/ to their URL. If you see a WordPress login (🚩), that's a red flag. Here's something for you to think about.   They may lack the coding prowess to not only develop their own website; but yours as well. In a recent study conducted by W3Techs; Google, Bing, and Yahoo established the web development standards back in 2013. These standards are deeply rooted in coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. If you trust your project with a web designer that lacks a thorough knowledge of these basic but standard coding languages, you will be putting your brand's future at risk, as 97% of websites still rely on these fundamental languages. So make sure you trust your brand's future with code-savvy experts. That is critical! Here's another little secret. Examine their website closely. "Naw," closer than that. Does it blow you away? Does it captivate you? Does any part of their site make you wonder, "How in the heck are they making this website do that???" Well, does it at least have a real "Wow!" factor to it? After all, this is their craft, their profession—the very thing they claim to be 'The Experts' at. If their own website doesn't have a meomorable wow fractor to it; how can you expect them to produce that effect for you in your website? But you don't have to settle. You're now educated a little more on this matter. Your brand deserves better! Settle for nothing less than a wow-worthy online presence!

What People Say About Us?

Peek behind the curtain of Standard American Web and hear stories that echo beyond lines of code. Our testimonial section is a mosaic of genuine narratives that transcend the ordinary. No jargon, just real people sharing their journey with Standard American Web. Get inspired by the unfiltered tales of triumph, and imagine how your story would fit into this evolving tapestry.

M. Winfree
M. Winfree
Founder: Under Appreciated Rock Bands

I created a very large website (10,000 webpages) using "classic" Google Sites, only to find out in the late 2010's that I could not use the planned recast of Google Sites. Standard American Web™ was able to port the website to a new platform months before Google began to delete my work. My "Person of Contact" at SAW was transparent about the magnitude of the project and what would be necessary to finish the setup of the website, and I am grateful for that.

A. Maddox
A. Maddox
Secret Gift Box Provider

Standard American Web™'s digital marketing services helped me grow my business in a short period. Their team was knowledgeable and friendly. They took time to understand my Online Store Development needs and helped me get the desired results. I highly recommend their digital marketing services!

J. Tendayi
J. Tendayi
Love For Children Founder

Standard American Web™ has really helped our organization in the electronic and social media field by helping set up/improve our Website, and Facebook page.As a non-profit organization, we are really appreciative of the technical expertise and suggestions that Standard American Web imparts to us, so that we can be able to effectively achieve our core mission of transforming the lives of children.

G. Morrison
G. Morrison
Car Dealership Owner

My Website Redesign looks fresh and up to date. I suggested some changes too but all the work were done by the web designers from Standard American Web™ Designs. If not for them, my site will still look messy and not up to date.

T. Wayne
T. Wayne
GM of Bismarck Bucks IFL Team

As the GM of the Bismarck Bucks IFL, I have to say that Standard American Web™ exceeded our expectations with their website development and mobile app expertise. They created an animated website that truly captures the essence of our team, and they also helped us reach a wider audience through our mobile app, which has been a game-changer for our team. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their digital presence to the next level.

J. Jackson
J. Jackson
Renown Photographer

I typically do not write reviews, but i must say that Standard American Web™ has helped my business grow with my new website development and SAW is one of the best kept secrets out there along the MS Gulf Coast. Nothing but kudos!

C. Grey
C. Grey
Owner of Fine Arts Dealer

I had a Facebook and Instagram accounts problem. I decided to seek professional help. I called SAW. As it turned out, the source of the problem is something I would never have figured out on my own. But I now have two programs that work together as they're supposed to. I can't recommend Standard American Web enough!

S. Turner
S. Turner
Owner of Essential Designs

For a quality design in half the time please choose Standard American Web™! They are committed to top notch customer service and quality designs. They have a great website development packages for every budget. Call the Master Designers for a great site for your money!!!!

T. Walls
T. Walls
Owner Of WGUD TV & ME TV

When it comes to all my website development needs such as website design, social media marketing, and SEO ; I only trust and use Standard American Web™.

Web Related Solutions (Services)

Small Business Websites
Starting As Low As
$750 Down & $750 Upon Delivery
What is included:
  • 3 Page Website
  • Form Integration
  • Speed Optimized
  • 5 Stock Photos
  • Social Media Integration




01B. Website Redesign

Transform, Don't Just Tweak! Consider your website the face of your business. Just like trends change, so do customer expectations. Our website redesigns are more than a facelift; they're a strategic rejuvenation. Whether it's a style upgrade or a functional overhaul, our redesigns aren’t just about aesthetics; they're about keeping you ahead in the digital race.

Photo Processing



WordPress Theme Development
Starting As Low As
$750 & 9 Monthly Payments of $195
What is included:
  • FREE SSL for a year
  • Domain name & 5 Pages
  • 3 Standard Plugins
  • 5 Stock Photos
  • Social Media Intergration
Online Store Development
Starting As Low As
Shopify Development Done 4 You
What is included:
  • 3 Pages
  • 10 Products Setup
  • 2 Plugins
  • 15 digital images
  • Social Media Intergration






SEO: Search Engine Optimization
SEO Packages Starting At Just:
What is included:
  • 5 Keyphrases optimized
  • 10 Pages optimized
  • Google Analytics Installing
  • Schema/ Rich Snippets
  • Full page tag system

SocialBiz: Social Media Marketing
SocialBiz Lite Starting As Low As:
Or $220 p/Month with 6 Month Contract
What is included:
  • 3 Account Managed
  • Custom Strategy & Engaging Posts
  • 90 Days Reporting & Analytics
  • Profile Hero Images
  • Engaging Followers Responses






Content Strategy
Starting As Low As
$149.99 per Page
A Page of Content Consist of 600 to 999 Words/ Page
What is included:
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • Blog post writing & Editing
  • Social media content planning
  • Landing page & sales page copy
GORM: Google Online Reputation Management
The Guardian Plan is
$325Per Hour
Full 40 Hour Weeks, With 3 Months' Contract
What is included:
  • 1 Account Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Store & Sort Review Comments
  • Communicate Reviews To Client
  • Coordinate Online Reviews
  • Trace Comments & Reviews
  • Monitor Review Status






Remote Staffing
Starting As Low As
$320 Per Hour
Remote Web Designer
     ✱ $3.20 p/Hour, Full 40 Hour Week
       with 6 Months Contract
Remote Web Developer
     ✱ $6.40 p/Hour, Full 40 Hour Week
       with 6 Months Contract
     ✱ $15.25 p/Hour, Full 40 Hour Week
       with 6 Months Contract
Hire-A-Geek Work Hour
     ✱ $37.50 p/Hour
       Minimal Five (5) Geek Hours
BUNDLE: Small Business Development Bundle
All Inclusive Starting At Just:
$900 Down & $450 p/Month for 9 Months
What is included
  • 3 Pages Website
  • SocialBiz Lite
  • Content Strategy
  • Basic SEO
  • GMB Setup



Our Happy Clients
Take A Quick Peek At Our Portfolio
Bismarck Buck: National Brand
Bismarck Bucks Semi-Professional Indoor Football
On Time Roadside: Service Niche'
On Time Roadside Assistance Mobile Tire Shop
TedX: International Brand
TedX Sunnyside; Houston, TX
Pretta Stallworth: Political Candidate
Political Candidate running for office in Houston, TX
Love For Children: NonProfit
Love For Children delivers toys to hospitalized children during Xmas
Just Don't Change Records: Music
Just Don't Change Records Hip-Hop and R&B Music Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How much should a website cost? How much do local web designers near me charge to build or develop my website for me?

Web designers typically charge about $75 p/h. A business website could potentially cost between $5K and $10K with $6,760 being the average cost according to "Website Builder Expert." Fortunately, the Gulf Coast can not be considered a large city so our prices are less than half that amount or cheaper.

02. What's included with my purchase?

We've tried to make our services and bundles as crystal clear as a sunny day. But, if you ever find yourself in a haze of confusion or just want a friendly chat about what's what, dial us up at 1(877) 777-2397. We're here and ready to tackle any questions you might have.

03. What's not included?

We do our best to give you as much value as possible for the lowest price. But here are some of the services that are not included with your purchase…

  • Lifetime CMS training or telephone support 30 days after launch
  • Site maintenance beyond 30 days after launch
  •      We’ll monitor, maintain, and provide support for your site for FREE up to 30 days after launch.
  • Organic search rankings
  •      We use one of the best SEO tools available (YOAST) and several SEO tools that we've personally developed to develop your site and follow all of their recommended SEO best practices. But we nor any of our competitors are Google which means we can not guarantee increases in organic search rankings. We however are Google certified and have won several awards for this niche. We can also assure you that we will use all the latest best practices updated by Google.
  • Management of email, hosting, and domain after launch
  • Designing or redesigning custom featured images for each blog post (tier 3 includes 8 custom feature image designs)
  • Content creation (articles, videos, lead magnet, etc.)
  • Editing or formatting existing content such as individual articles or podcast show notes
SPECIAL NOTE: It should be noted that each of these services can be purchased al-la-cart. For a complete list of our products, services, and their prices; you can click HERE.
04. How flexible are you with deviating from the demo site designs you have as examples?

We are a "full-stack" web design & development firm which means if you can dream it; we can build it. We are flexible and support reasonable deviations. We are fair and have found our clients are as well. We’ll let you know if you’re stretching the friendship or the features or function you're requesting is outside of the scope of the project. But even then, all those functions and abilities can be purchased and added to your website.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you would like to see some of the amazing designs we have to offer please check out our Award Winning Design Studios.

05. Do you offer support after my site is finished?

We offer free support for your site up to 30 days after launch and guarantee that your site will run great and that we’ll correct any issues during that time. This also includes training you on how to use your new site if necessary. We do offer maintenance plans and services packages if you find you still need our services? Here is a quick link to let you learn more about our plans.

06. If I order, what's the process to give you my content so you can add it for me?

We have a content questionnaire that points to every section of the site and asks you to provide content for the sections that can be changed. We also created a step by step video guide that will take you step-by-step through our 7 step process. We also work together with you directly to make things quick and easy.

07. How long does it take to deliver the live website from the time I order?

Once you submit the questionnaire and submitted all requested data and information, your site will be finished in approximately 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the website. Where it once took an individual web designer or web developer months to produce a great website; we able to achieve the same by allowing several qualified individuals to work together to expedite the whole process. So depending on the magnitude of your project and scope; your project will be 100% completed in approximately three (3) weeks.

08. Are there any other fees?

If you decide to host your website with us, there is a fee to host your website on our servers and if your website will receive funds/money of any sort; Google requires that you obtain a SSL certificate. There's a cost already associated with that. If you prefer to use your own host provider, you’re free to do that as well. It’s completely up to you.

09. When will I be charged?

We have several pay schedule options, but our most used payment schedule requires a small down payment and then 9 additional smaller payments due "By" the 20th of each month.

10. Can I add or change content myself when the site is live?

Absolutely. And it will be very easy to do so if you choose add a MOD System to your website. In Layman's terms, this will change your website from a HTML which is the industry's standard; to a WordPress or Wix like modulated system. These formats are much more user-friendly and easy to learn. We also give you tutorials and consultations once your site is live to show you how. It’s included in your 30-day support after launch period.

If you have additional questions; you can visit our FAQ page or visit our GMB or Google My Business page which has a more extensive list of questions with answers. If that doesn't do it for you; you can always call us at 1(877) 777-2397. We won't try any "Strong-Arm" sales tactics. We'll simply address the questions you may have.

A Quick Chat With Nick Chase:

"A New Way of Doing Business in 2024."

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Why chooose us?

Web designer near me - Why choose us? If you are looking for a web designer near Mobile, AL area and you want your web designer to be within a stone toss away, or if you're looking for a web designer near the Southern MS neck of the woods, including if you're looking for a web designer along the MS Gulf Coast in cities such as Biloxi, MS ; or looking for web designer near Hattiesburg, MS ; or looking for a web designer near Jackson, MS ; all the way down to looking for a web designer near New Orlearns, LA ; then Standard American Web™ ➠ BILOXI is your go-to for top-notch website design. Trust us, we're practically your neighbor! So what makes us different from the next 'web designer?' We are a "Solution First" web consulting firm, so we don't develop websites. We develop solutions to your web related problems. If a website is part of that solution then we have over 100 awards in design that says that we probably have you covered there also. What makes us different; we hear your problem and help you find "the solution." Not just sell you a website. The "Geek" that knows a little code can do that. Also over the last four years we've been conducting experiments and gathering data from our clients to create the perfect web solution for you (the reader that is a potential, future client). Do you want to know the secret ingredient that sets us apart? It's listening to our clients' feedback and turning their ideas into reality in 2023. We've since have made it simplier than that to make your web solution purchase even more painless. But we've saved the best for last! In addition to our remarkable accomplishments, including 107 awards, stellar 5-star reviews, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, we've been designated as one of the top 20 web development firms in the United States for both Mobile App Develoment & Digital Marketing for 2024 (that's top in the United States!). You're simply not going to find a better web development firm with more reasonable prices in our markets. We're here to deliver an exceptional customer experience. So buckle up, grab a refreshing beverage, and let's get to work creating a seamless web experience.

* PLEASE NOTE: that the  Professional Website In 7 Days   means "7 business days" from the date of the client submitting the last of all required data, images, and forms. Excluding the date of the last of those submissions. Also, this timeline does not apply to beyond the first set of revisions.


You have questions,
we have solutions


What Are Our Service Areas:

Explore Local Web Solutions with Standard American Web™! We understand the unique needs of businesses in different communities. That’s why we offer the highest quality web design, web & mobile app development, SEO, and marketing services tailored to your specific city or town. Simply choose your location to access customized web design, development, and SEO services that align perfectly with your local market. From Biloxi to Gulfport and beyond, our team is here to help you succeed online with a personal touch that reflects your community’s spirit. Find out what we can do for your business today!

Biloxi, MS

SEO Specialist Near Biloxi, MS

D'iberville, MS

Shopify Developer Near D'iberville, MS

Gautier, MS

Google My Business Manager Near Gautier, MS
Gulfport, MS
WordPress Developer Near Gulfport, MS
Long Beach, MS
Website Designer Near Long Beach, MS

Mobile, AL

SEO Specialist Near Mobile, AL

Moss Point, MS

Shopify Developer Near Moss Point, MS

New Orleans, LA

Google My Business Manager Near New Orleans, LA
Ocean Springs, MS
WordPress Developer Near Ocean Springs, MS
Pascagoula, MS
Website Designer Near Pascagoula, MS

Biloxi, MS

Shopify Developer Near Biloxi, MS

D'iberville, MS

Google My Business Manager Near D'iberville, MS

Gautier, MS

WordPress Developer Near Gautier, MS
Gulfport, MS
Website Designer Near Gulfport, MS
Long Beach, MS
SEO Specialist Near Long Beach, MS

Mobile, AL

Shopify Developer Near Mobile, AL

Moss Point, MS

Google My Business Manager Near Moss Point, MS

New Orleans, LA

WordPress Developer Near New Orleans, LA
Ocean Springs, MS
Website Designer Near Ocean Springs, MS
Pascagoula, MS
SEO Specialist Near Pascagoula, MS

Biloxi, MS

Google My Business Manager Near Biloxi, MS

D'iberville, MS

WordPress Developer Near D'iberville, MS

Gautier, MS

Website Designer Near Gautier, MS
Gulfport, MS,
SEO Specialist Near Gulfport, MS
Long Beach, MS
Shopify Developer Near Long Beach, MS

Mobile, AL

Google My Business Manager Near Mobile, AL

Moss Point, MS

WordPress Developer Near Moss Point, MS

New Orleans, LA

Website Designer Near New Orleans, LA
Ocean Springs, MS
SEO Specialist Near Ocean Springs, MS
Pascagoula, MS
Shopify Developer Near Pascagoula, MS

Biloxi, MS

WordPress Developer Near Biloxi, MS

D'iberville, MS

Website Designer Near D'iberville, MS

Gautier, MS

SEO Specialist Near Gautier, MS
Gulfport, MS
Shopify Developer Near Gulfport, MS
Long Beach, MS
Google My Business Manager Near Long Beach, MS

Mobile, AL

WordPress Developer Near Mobile, AL

Moss Point, MS

Website Designer Near Moss Point, MS

New Orleans, LA

SEO Specialist Near New Orleans, LA
Ocean Springs, MS
Shopify Developer Near Ocean Springs, MS
Pascagoula, MS
Google My Business Manager Near Pascagoula, MS

Biloxi, MS

Website Designer Near Biloxi, MS

D'iberville, MS

SEO Specialist Near D'iberville, MS

Gautier, MS

Shopify Developer Near Gautier, MS
Gulfport, MS
Google My Business Manager Near Gulfport, MS
Long Beach, MS
WordPress Developer Near Long Beach, MS

Mobile, AL

Website Designer Near Mobile, AL

Moss Point, MS

SEO Specialist Near Moss Point, MS

New Orleans, LA

Shopify Developer Near New Orleans, LA
Ocean Springs, MS
Google My Business Manager Near Ocean Springs, MS
Pascagoula, MS
WordPress Developer Near Pascagoula, MS